SEO & Paid Search

First off, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this involves processing the traffic from all types of search results on search engines. Have a look at this video to help you come to terms with SEO!

What does this all mean for companies in today’s world? 

Have you ever noticed when you search for anything online via Google or Bing, the first results are generally big companies. Take for example if you search ”Soccer boots” on Google the first three results are from, and Is this a random result?


Absolutely not, these companies have taken advantage of Search Engine Optimization to maximize the number of customers who can see their website. They do this by using Paid Search, this is when Companies pay search engines such as Google to place their website on top of the pages of results. The is an extremely effective practice for companies as not often people do not browse on more websites than the ones that show up first so this is the prime spot to get your website. This does come at a cost however, two of the most popular costing methods are CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Impression). In the last quarter of 2013 a study showed that the average cost of CPC on Facebook to retailers was just $0.45, which is nothing for big companies to pay to get a customer onto their website and possibly make a purchase. There is no doubt that to make your company noticed on the web you have to participate in SEO and use it to their advantage.


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