Rein in the Reviews

Let’s set the scene. You are researching hotels for your upcoming trip away. Using “trustworthy” sites, you find one that appears to be exceptionally good value, for what appears to be a 4* standard room.

Bedroom? Magnificent.

Bathroom? Exceptional.

Foyer? Fit for “Kimye” .

As your mouse hovers over the booking button, you make a last minute decision to read the reviews, which look something similar to this…


(I may be known for my dramatic flair, but you get my point.)

From this moment on, all hope is dashed and you resume the endless search online

But what does this actually mean? According to Marketing Land, 90% of online buying decisions depend on the reviews of others.Not only do we need to conform to the ideals set by society, but on a whole, we trust the “people’s voice”.

Yet how does this affect Companies and Business? Well to put it in simple terms

Bad Reviews = Bad Sales

With the increase in user generated reviews, it is a company’s prerogative to utilise this change to their advantage. By encouraging and engaging in online reviews, such a asking a customer to rate their experience on a site at the end of their visit, they can gain a greater understanding of their target consumer. Find out what they want, and how they want it.

It also provides a company with the adequate resources to monitor user generated reviews and discover trends in complaints or queries. Failing to do so could result in numerous of posts containing consumer’s criticisms posted for the world to see. And as the saying goes;

                “It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and only five minutes to ruin it.”


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