Does Privacy Matter?

Can Google/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram have access to our location? Sure!

Can Asos/Boohoo/Topshop remember your bank account details? Why not!

In today’s society, marketing and advertisements are everywhere, no matter where we go, or what we do, we are exposed. And for some reason, we are completely accepting of this. You can’t even search for a flight with Ryanair before your cookies are tracked and suddenly you’re looking at paying triple figures for a flight to Spain.

Why can’t we go back to when life was much simpler? Remember when YouTube didn’t have ads before every second video? Or those days when you could log on to Facebook without those “suggested for you” advertisements.

We are so willing to give up our privacy, all for the sake of skipping a few steps during the next log in. Marketing companies so desperately want to build profiles about us. By monitoring our online activities they can begin to put together a little file on our interests, activities and possibly learn things about us that even our closest friends don’t know. Try it out for yourself and see what Google knows about you.

A recent study proved that despite us wanting a more personalised experience when visiting different sites, we are not willing to give up our privacy for it. And a study done by Accenture revealed that almost 80% of 20-40 year olds believe privacy is a thing of the past. Even more worryingly, 49% of these would agree to their buying behaviors being tracked if they benefited from it.

The question I want to raise is how much value to we put on our own private lives? Think about every activity you do, every site you visit, every conversation you have. Then imagine this information was plastered across the front of the New York Times.

So maybe just ask yourself, does your privacy matter now?



4 thoughts on “Does Privacy Matter?

  1. Great blog. There is simply no avoiding advertisements. I agree, Once you sign up to social media platforms you accept that your privacy is potentially in the hands of many others.
    Jack Memery – 13803581


  2. Well written. Its a great blog on a current issue which raises a lot of concern for most people. I’ve even stopped using most forms of social media as I became too worried with the transparency and the ease of access to my personal information.
    Brian Delahunty – 13333016


  3. Fantastic blog on a very current problem. There is no getting away from advertisements and our security online is a very pressing issue. Its an issue that we all have to deal with ourselves because laws regarding online security and the security of personal information is a very grey area.
    Matthew Moan 13359231

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  4. I agree that privacy is being overlooked by consumers and the extent to which our information is being monitored is extravagant. But it begs the question, is there any point in becoming more stringent now or is it too late after years of clicking ‘Yes’ and ‘I agree’ multiple times a day. Rachel Wheeler 13361856


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