Paddy Power’s Digital Marketing!

Paddy Power have mastered the art of digital marketing in recent years. When you think of betting you think of Paddy Power. Why? They relate to people in ways no other company let alone betting company do. They are a firm believer of engaging with customer online and that ”no publicity is bad publicity”. Paddy Power are without doubt the most active bookmaker online through social medias such as Facebook & Twitter. They are continuously engaging with their customer through tweets and facebook posts. On their Twitter page, they are constantly having competitions for free bets and cash prizes for their followers. As well as competitions their general posts on Facebook are often vines, memes and jokes about sporting events such as the one below. Posts like these reach out to thousands upon thousands, getting thousands of likes and reach maybe hundreds of thousands meaning that people who don’t even have Paddy Powers facebook page liked might still see their posts show up on their news feed due to a friend liking a status or video, as a result when/if a time comes when that person decides to place a bet in store or online they will be aware of Paddy Power and go place a bet with or set up an online account.


When it comes to emailing customers Paddy Power are no strangers with often sending out 2 or more emails per day, containing the latest offers and promotions currently running, they also personalize all their emails to the individual customer, which shows that they value you as a customer.


Paddy Power has been no stranger to controversy over the years with many online campaigns being ridiculed by many over often insensitive promotions. Take for example in the last year with the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, Paddy Power offered odds on the verdict and created ad campaigns for it which caused uproar among some members of the public over the seriousness of the issue but also caused many people to notice their brand.   Here is what Harry Dromey, Paddy Powers ”Mischief champion” had to say on the issue, ”Sometimes we will cross the line and, when this happens, we hold our hands up but there is no point in beating ourselves up. Being boring is the worst crime we could commit.” (Econsultancy, 2014). Clearly Paddy Power do not mind going over the line for marketing! Other betting companies such as Boylesports or Ladbrokes would not get away with suddenly deciding to be controversial as it has always been Paddy Power’s area of expertise to create mischief.


Although it may all look like fun and games to the public Paddy Power are very serious about their digital marketing and have the following to say about customer marketing and social media on their website.

Customer Marketing: These lovely people handle customer relationships, customer loyalty, and brand value through marketing strategies and activities. They allow the business to develop long-term relationships with established and new customers. Whereas brand is the sexy side of marketing, these guys are obsessed with numbers and results, constantly looking to ‘drive KPIs’ and ‘stretch the ROI’.

Social Media: These friendly guys are about more than just funny posts, tweets, likes and shares. While they do produce a continuous flow of humorous content, everything they do is rooted in key metrics and helps to push the overall brand values and performance. (Marketing and analytics | Paddy Power)

It comes as no surprise that Paddy Power are one the few betting establishments that make money from their stores across the country. As well as this they make huge profits online as shown by their record breaking 2014, with pre-tax profits at €167 million at the end of the year. (Paddy Power reports record pre-tax profits, 2015)



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