The Best Viral Campaigns!

Viral Marketing can be explained as a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message. (

Everybody loves a good viral ad, every so often viral ads come into the media an creates a buzz for the company who produced the advertisement. Any marketing campaign that goes viral is automatically successful. A lot of marketers set out to create a viral ad. Some of the most successful viral campaigns in recent times have been from:

  • Old Spice
  • LG 
  • Three UK
  • Telekinetic

Old Spice are known for their viral ads, their first viral ad was over five years ago, which has now racked up over 50 million views on Youtube. These old spice ads helped rejuvenate their brand and sales rocketed after the advert went viral and have been recreating similar ads since to boost sales and brand recognition. This campaign also made marketers all around the globe want to work with Old Spice.

LG recently have produced amazing ad campaigns showing off LG’s magnificent graphics. In this video below LG have made the logo ”So Real, It’s Scary” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Viral Ads like these are the perfect way for your video to spread because if one person sees this ad they are very likely to pass it onto their friends, family and work colleagues.

Three UK released an amazing ad that quickly went viral in February 2013. The viral ad below featured a dancing pony dancing through fields,. The video caused a very good buzz for Three and their #DancePonyDance trended worldwide on twitter.

Telekinetic created a brilliant advertisement to promote the film ”Carrie”. This was a brilliantly executed prank on the public which took place in a cafe store. The ad campaign unsurprisingly went viral and to this day has over 60 million views on Youtube.

The telekinetic is certainly my favourite video as I think it was excellently executed and also promoted the actual reason behind the campaign the best.

Which is your favourite viral ad campaign? Let us know below!


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