Blogging becoming a marketing tool


Blogging has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. Whether it is fashion, interior design, healthy living and fitness but to name a few, it has become clear that blogging has become a force to be reckoned with as a marketing tool.

This is a medium where companies can market both their products and services. Successful Bloggers can have thousands upon thousands of followers whom greatly trust these people for their advice and reviews on the products they review. It is with no surprise that this can be an amazing method of marketing a brand online. Companies have noticed this major influx of bloggers and are greatly utilising this. By sending a successful bloggers some products associated with their company this can then have a major impact in the success of the company. If the blogger reviews a products and it is to their liking then a positive review that will be reaching so many people globally will have a terrific outcome for the company. Not online will a blogger review the product they will more than likely photograph it and also share it on their other social media pages.

By sending bloggers their products this is an excellent way for start-up companies in particular to get their brand known to a wide audience. It will work to their advantage in particular if they have a lower scale marketing budget as it can be a less expensive method of marketing.


Therefore, with the continued creation of new blogs on a regular bases, companies options for their marketing can heightened greatly.


One thought on “Blogging becoming a marketing tool

  1. Really great read! A powerful marketing tool in which has defintely seen a lot of growth in recent years, I think because of its non obvious marketing like features that people dont seem to take any notice that its even a form of marketing! I for one am more inclined to buy a product if a I blogger I like and/or follow gives good feedback on it! Sarah Slevin, 13370901


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