Online Value Proposition (OVP)


The online value proposition is you’re the customer value proposition, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) online. It’s important to clearly communicate what online experiences and content your brand can offer for each site, app and type of social presence.

The online market in this every changing world is by far the biggest market available to customers. If a company can thrive from this, there are massive profits to be made. In order to accomplish good O.V.P a company needs to have a website that matches the customer’s needs. The effectiveness of a website can be measured methods such as cost per click.


In order for an O.V.P to be fit for its customers it needs to be clear and easy to understand. The main problem companies find is that they have different value propositions for their company and their product, which must be addressed separately.

Such that the viral market is massive companies need to incorporate a few key boosters to their website such as;

  • Free shipping
  • Bonus with certain purchase
  • No set-up fees
  • Money back guarantee
  • Customisable

Even incorporating just one of these will help companies develop strong O.V.P.


The website for Evernote is a great example of an organisation that makes it simple and easy for their customers to understand their functions. It also has an all the benefits listed with extremely relevant imagery. This is a great example of an organisation who got it right in terms of Online Value Proposition.


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